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The Rockingham County Democratic Committee supports this petition asking the County Board of Supervisors to declare their intent to support a resolution toward a climate action plan. Please consider signing your support here.

The Rockingham County Democratic Committee condemns the Trump Administration’s heartless policy of separating migrant children from their families at the US-Mexico border.  We recognize our responsibility to protect the vulnerable and uphold the values that define us as Americans. All human beings must be treated with dignity.  While Virginia and other state governments have lent their resources to protect the border from criminals, drug runners and other threats, the Trump Administration has chosen to use these children as ransom for political gain.  We further support Governor Ralph Northam’s decision to withdraw the Virginia National Guard troops from the US Mexico border in response to this zero-tolerance policy.

A Platform for the People of Rockingham County.

Rockingham County is a diverse and beautiful place to live, work, play, educate, and grow strong families and communities. As a political party that values the voice of the people, and the land, waters and ecosystems in which we all live, we invite you to join us in growing a just, equitable, and sustainable society.


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