Of The People.

We are residents and citizens of Rockingham County, Virginia who care about politics because we care about people, our planet, and our community.


Establish a decentralized organization structure where responsibilities are clear but not rigid, and where empowerment, interconnectedness, self-management and accountability is emphasized; precinct teams are to be key position for listening and acting. (A detailed organization chart is available by contacting one of the Executive Committee members.)


Cultivate a two-way dialogue with Rockingham County’s population to better serve their needs and represent those needs that are congruent with RCDC vision, mission and values to relevant decision-makers


Build alliances with local organizations, individuals and grassroots groups invested in advancing progressive values. Learn from and work for our community by providing a path to representation for our shared values within our government.


Expand the RCDC in breadth of numbers, diversity, and geographic inclusion; and in depth of mission and purpose, including electoral politics, and service to our communities.


Develop a cohesive strategy for internal and external communications that includes multiple platforms